Andrea Cecilia Sevilla Santos


april 2017


  • Headline: Mother and wife of 1 daughter and 1 man-child.  Ad-woman. Digital marketer & maven. Passionate Foodie & Travel-bug. Chef-in-training.
  • Name: Andrea Cecilia Sevilla Santos
  • Nickname: Dré, Annie, Andoi
  • Secret superhero identity: batgirl :)

  • Where: born in Manila, Philippines; but spent 4 years years working & Living in Singapore before moving to Denmark in July 2016
  • Download CV/ Resume here: CV May 2017
  •  Interests: Cooking for people, Doing things that entertain others, reading a good book
  • Every weekend, you will usually find me… “in the kitchen, trying out a new recipe, or roasting a tried and tested comfort food dish”



  • Favourite Person: Elon musk. Because, well, PayPal, spacex, Tesla, Solar City; enough said. :)
  • Favorite Advertising campaign:  Old spice the man your man could Smell Like Campaign – Because of the Campaign’s ability to transform a functional, Low-Involvement product (and category) into a relevant brand and conversation-starter to the younger, digitally savy target audience.
  • Favorite Quote: Ideas (read: Vision) without execution are mere Hallucinations – Thomas Edison
  • Favorite Book: The Alchemist – Because in times when I need inspiration, I remember “Maktub” or “it is written”… in the context of, “ It’s said that when you desperately want something, the universe conspires to make it happen”.
  • TV series: Chef’s Table (Netflix) – Because I love to cook & I love to travel (and eat food as I travel)
  • Movie: The “toy Story” saga – because of its ability to teach complex Life lessons (friendship, Loyalty, Compassion) into simple, easy to digest moral Stories and Learnings


  • Focus: Account management, Project Management with keen inclination towards Strategic Planning
  • Your edge: A hybrid communications practioner - Passionate about all things Digital, having built strong foundations first by understanding traditional advertising principles and branding but dug deeper into all things digital in the most recent years
  • Work experience: 10+ years consumer marketing experience – working with brands such as Nestlé, Unilever, Mondeléz (Kraft Foods), Friesland Campina, Proctor & Gamble, Diageo, Volvo Trucks, Sony Pictures Entertainment among others…