Lisa Beck


januar 2019

From Pigtown to Horsetown

Originally from Schweinfurt (Bavaria, Germany), I made my way through Berlin and ended up in Horsens, where I live, to complete my 19 weeks long internship at CrossMind in Vejle. I am studying Print and Media Technology (Bachelor of Engineering) in Berlin and chose CrossMind as workplace during my practical semester, with the plus of experiencing living in another country. Besides from that, I love good food, loud concerts, cats and travelling (hyggeligt!).


My time at CrossMind

Due to my education, which includes a range of subjects from print production, over marketing, programming and designing, I got insights in the variety of the media world. CrossMind, as a full service advertising agency, is just the perfect place for me, to improve in many and get challenged in other skills.

My talents and interests are mainly in graphic design, such as in SEO, which I worked with in Berlin, the months prior to Denmark. But CrossMind somehow managed to make me become a little nerd and also definitely have more interest in programming than I ever expected.

With an always helpful and up cheering attitude from the people here, I created Umbraco based websites (Visual Studio), layouts for brochures (InDesign), had fun taking professional photos, learned a lot about image editing (Photoshop) and shared SEO tips, to get everybody prepared for the world of internet in 2019.


The special thing about CrossMind is the attitude. I experienced kindness and openness from the very beginning, the first phone call, the interview and through the whole period of time, which made me easily and early feel like a part of the group. Furthermore, it exists a very low hierarchy, a family atmosphere. For sure those kind of people, who will always stay positively in my mind.